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Livery Agreement

This agreement is made as of this date _________________________ by and between Carneety House, Keeper, and

Owner _________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________________________________________________________

Name of Animal _________________________________________________________________________________

Description of Animal ___________________ _________________________________________________________

Veterinary Surgeon: ______________________________________________________________________________

Farrier: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Whereby it is agreed as follows:

The above named Animal shall be kept at Full / Partial livery at Carneety House. The Animal will be stabled and turned out as necessary and the livery fee shall be £______ per week, payable in advance. A security deposit equal to one week's fee will also be paid at the beginning of this livery agreement, and refunded upon termination and return of keys, dependent upon compliance with Carneety House's Terms and Conditions.

The Owner hereby provides a copy of the Animal's passport and vaccination records, and warrants that the Animal is free from cough, skin infections or any other contagious diseases.

The Owner hereby provides a copy of their current public liability insuranc' policy, and agrees to provide copies of renewals during the period of this livery agreement.

The Owner hereby agrees to indemnify the Keeper for all loss and damage sustained by the Keeper and injury to third parties caused by the Animal during the period of this livery agreement.

The Keeper shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained by the Animal during the period of this livery agreement, except by the wilful negligence or default of the Keeper or its employees.

In an emergency, the Keeper may call the veterinary surgeon without prior consultation, at the sole expense of the Owner. Shoeing and worming are the responsibility of the Owner but may be arranged through the Keeper.

The Owner hereby agrees to have read and to comply with Carneety House's Livery Terms and Conditions, a living document, available at and Carneety House's Livery Rules, available at

Signed - Owner: ___________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Signed - Carneety House: ____________________________________________ Date: ________________________

__________ Amount received

__________ Passport inspected

__________ Vaccination Record checked

__________ Public Liability Policy provided