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Livery Yard Rules

The following is a list of rules that we ask ALL liveries to adhere to.
These are not only to keep the yard running smoothly but also to help show consideration for others. ☻
  1. Feed and care instructions - If you need us to feed or bring your Horse from the field, please give us ample notice.
  2. Urgent instructions - If you cannot get to the Yard or you instructions are urgent, you may leave a message on our telephone. Please not that we cannot accept verbal instructions given to us around the Yard.
  3. Changes of feed - Our rates are based on hay or haylage and up to one kilogram of suitable hard feed per day. (No hard feed for ponies.) We shall be happy to discuss your Horse's requirements with you, but we do charge for increased feed.
  4. Parking - Please park in the allocated area and encourage your visitors to do likewise.
  5. Use of other Facilities - All of the other facilities around our establishment are available for your use, subject to shows, events and the state of the land, and of course use by others.
  6. Security - Please look out for yourself and others on all questions of security. In particular, please shut the tack room door on leaving and do not give the key to anyone else.
  7. Personal safety - A hard hat must be worn at all times you are mounted anywhere on our establishment.
  8. Please remember to clean out your horse's feet before leaving the stable.
    If you forget...please remember to clean up any shavings, etc.
  9. Leave the haynet filler back in its place after use and sweep up.
  10. If you want to turn the radio off...please do so at the plug.
  11. If you are the last to leave, remember to turn off ALL lights.
    If you are unsure where to locate the switches, please ask.
  12. If you are putting your horse out for a roll in any of the arenas (indoor, ourdoor or lunge pen) please lift any droppings.
  13. Kindly remember to put ALL fences back the way you found them.
  14. Please put ALL brushes, forks, shovels, etc., back tidy.
  15. It is illegal to smoke indoors!! There is NO smoking in ANY of the barns/sheds/stables!
    The only places to smoke on the yard are the following:
    • Outside the clubhouse, ashtray provided
    • Outside the 'big' green gates/parking area
  16. Please remember to coil hoses up after use.
  17. If you have used the 'living room', don't forget to clean up after your horse.
  18. Always shut the lunge pen gate and put the lunge whip back where you got it!
  19. If you break any of the followin, please replace:
    • Fork
    • Shovel
    • Brush
    • Lunge Whip
  20. Please leave the club house ridy...after all it is you that use it!

If anyone repeatedly ignores the above rules, fines can and will be issued.

Thank you
Desie & Carol Henry