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Livery - Terms and Conditions

These are the terms which apply to any agreement between us whereby we provide livery for one or more horses or ponies.
We refer to either as Horse.
  • The Livery
    1. Subject to your compliance with this Agreement, you may keep [   ] horse / pony at the Yard;
    2. We name our livery services as Full or Partial. The services provided under these headings are set out with current prices in Schedule 1;
    3. We may change our prices from time to time. When we do so, new prices will apply from the beginning of the next week after we publish the change;
    4. You can change from one service to another on seven days' notice, expiring on a Sunday night.
  • Your use of the Yard
    You must comply with the following requirements. You are also responsible for full compliance by any person who comes onto the Yard in connection with your affairs, even if you did not invite him/her.
              You must:
    1. Use the Box only to secure one Horse;
    2. Comply with the procedures we have stated for safe and efficient running of the Yard;
    3. Comply with our reasonable suggestions in respect to the health of your Horse;
    4. Accept full responsibility for the personal safety of yourself and any person brought into the Yard by you;
    5. Take out insurance against third party claims with a reputable company to cover all usual or reasonable risks and show to us proof that the insurance is in place at least seven days before the first day of the period of this Agreement. If you fail to do this, you may not bring your Horse onto our Yard;
    6. Have your Horse vaccinated at appropriate intervals against equine influenza and tetanus. If you are unable to show proof of vaccination, you may not bring your Horse onto our Yard;
    7. Make good any damage caused by you or your Horse to the Box or any of our tools, equipment of Facilities, using professional tradesmen or buying replacements, as the case may be;
    8. Keep tack, feed and any other possessions we may allow you to bring on the Yard in places designated for them;
    9. Look after all walls, fences, gates, locks and other fixtures or installations at all times.
    10. And you must not:
    11. Bring a dog or other animal onto the Yard without asking permission;
    12. Do, or allow anyone else to do, anything which might invalidate any insurance policy covering the Yard or which increases the premium we must pay;
    13. Leave any rubbish on the Yard;
    14. Bring onto or allow to remain on the Yard any animal infected with a contagious or modifiable disease;
    15. Bring onto or store on the Yard ay goods whatever except tack, rugs, feed and other goods agreed by us;
    16. Contaminate or obstruct any waterway running through or adjacent to the Yard;
    17. Waste water.
  • Use of Facilities
    1. The fee we charge for Livery does include use of the Facilities;
    2. You may use the Facilities by separate agreement;
    3. You may pay for exclusive use of a Facility for a period by booking it;
    4. You may also use a Facility free "as available", so that you may not use it when booked by us for an event of when any other person has paid to use it. We do not have to give you notice of when it is booked or required by us;
    5. Whether paid or free, you use the Facilities entirely at your own risk. You agree that you will inspect any Facility immediately before you use it and that you will not use it if you are not happy with its safe condition;
    6. If you move any jumps or other equipment for your use, you agree to return it to where you found it unless we have agreed that it may be left where you used it;
    7. You may not engage a professional teacher to provide tuition on the Yard or in any Facility. Neither may you provide lessons for money, except by arrangement with us;
    8. Use of the cross country course is weather permitting.
  • Use of Services
    You may use a reasonable amount of electricity and water, but we may charge you if we consider you use to have been excessive.
  • Care of your Horse
    You undertake:
    1. To deal with your Horse at all times with consideration for the safety of other Horses and clients;
    2. Not to leave your Horse tied up when you leave the Yard;
    3. Not to tie up your Horse outside its Box on so long a line that it is a nuisance to others;
    4. To provide necessary veterinary, farriery and dental care for your Horse. If we make any arrangement for these services on your behalf, we act only as your administrative agent. We are not responsible for any aspect of the services provided.
  • Limit of our responsibility
    1. If this agreement is for Full Livery, then we are responsible for the overall care of your Horse;
    2. If this agreement is for Partial Livery, then you are responsible for the care of your Horse, which must include twice daily attendance for full and adequate care for the health of your Horse, including feeding, watering, mucking out, grooming, exercising , rugging up and general health;
    3. You may delegate the care of your Horse to some other knowledgeable person;
    4. If at any time you fail to provide horse care services which are your responsibility under this agreement, or if we agree for a particular period or under a particular arrangement, to do so for you, whether we charge you or not, then we provide them without liability. You remain fully responsible for your Horse;
    5. If you fail to provide an acceptable level of care, and we believe it is in the best interest of your Horse that we should provide care or professional services of any kind, then we shall do so and the cost at our usual rates, or those of the professional, will be a debt due by you immediately;
    6. We are never responsible for the carelessness or neglect or intentional act of any other person who may cause you damage or inconvenience.
  • Veterinary call out
    If, at our absolute discretion, it is necessary to call a veterinary professional to attend to your Horse, then we may do so, even if you are not available to give your consent. If we regard the circumstances as an emergency, we may do this even if you do not agree. You now irrevocably agree to pay the professional's fees if we do this.
  • Failure to pay our fees
    1. All livery bills are payable weekly or four weekly. Late payment is subject to a fine of £10 per week from date of due payment.
    2. You may not ride your Horse while ever a bill is overdue by more than seven days.
    3. When a bill becomes overdue by more than seven days, you agree that we are entitled to take possession of your Horse until payment to date has been made and you have arranged with us to remove your Horse;
    4. If you have still failed to pay us twenty-eight days after advance payment has become due, we may sell your horse and/or tack and/or trailer or box, and retain from the proceeds the money that you owe us. You now irrevocably appoint us as your agent to do this and to sign any document on your behalf.
  • Horse Owner's indemnity
    You agree to indemnify us against all costs, claims and expenses arising from any act or omission of yours in connection with your use of the Yard whether or not it is in breach of this agreement.
  • Termination
    1. Either you or we may terminate this agreement upon one week's notice given at any time without giving a reason. If we terminate before the expiry of a period for which you have paid, the we will refund that unexpired portion;
    2. The termination of this agreement does not cancel any outstanding obligations between us;
    3. When this agreement terminates, for water reason, you will take your Horse and leave the Yard in the state and condition in which this agreement requires. In particular, you will leave no rubbish of any sort;
    4. You agree that we may take and/or sell for ourselves any tack of other equipment or materials left behind by you fourteen days after you have left the yard.
  • Insurance
    You may insure you Horse on the Yard. We are under no obligation to insure anything and shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your Horse, property or goods.

Thank you
Desie & Carol Henry